Austin Town Hall 7.24.12

Here is the track from Austin Town Hall on 7.24.12. We were only there for about two hours, and came out with this gem of information! Bob your head, turn it up, and as always, download, share, play in your parks, repeat! Participants collaborated on beat production, and wrote and read their own words. 

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Brainerd Park Teen Camp 7.02.12

Here are the Audio and Video Playlists from Brainerd Park Teen Camp on 7.02.12. Please feel free to download all songs and share them with everyone you know, and if your internet connection allows, watch the videos in 720p HD! Thanks to Brainerd Park, especially Rec Leader “L.A.” (see him doing back-ups and dance moves in “If We’re Healthy, We’ll Be Wealthy”) for doing his job, which was to have fun, and participate WITH the kids! 

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West Pullman Park TRACE 7.13.12

We visited the West Pullman Park TRACE crew to assist in their Re-imagining of Arts, Community and Environment.  Heard first is the youth-created, 12 layer, 2 bar loop, one sound at a time. Layer 8 was then chopped into 12 slices and the prevailing pattern of the piece was made by a TRACEr programming the pads of the MPD32.  The vocal work launches this project into the status of “Work in Progress”…  We look forward to the progression, a finished track of Teens Re-Imagining Arts, Community, Environment.  

Written and Recorded in 1 1/2 hours.

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Healthy Living (An Intergenerational Remix)

The theme for CPD programming this summer is “Healthy Living”. IMRS interviewed Seniors from the Line Dancing Clubs at South Shore Cultural Center and Washington Park, asking for their wisdom on the subject. Kyle and Salim, two regulars at our Teen Tuesday evening program, sampled these recordings and made a beat. Thus, an Intergenerational Remix is born!

Disabilities- a PSA from the SSCC Teen Tuesday Crew

Alex/Kyle typing verse/Jeremy...3 of 5...

Continuing to keep tracks relevant, Alex used the occasion of Disability Awareness Week at his high school to make an original track with the SSCC Teen Tuesday Crew in hopes of getting the track played during the morning assembly for next year’s week recognizing those of us with disabilities. Alex and Jeremy constructed the beat. The order of vocalists is as follows: Alex(&chorus)//Noah//Kyle//Jeremy//Jayve(instructor)

The whole song was constructed (in 3 one-hour sessions) on the iPad2 with Beatmaker2 and the iRig mic for vocals.