Rainey Park 2.19.13

Ed visited Rainey Park to work with some enthusiastic staff and teens. We sampled Batman, JJ Doom, and Chief Keef to make a song about staying alive, how to represent oneself, and choosing to be non-violent.

Rainey Park Firstmix 2.19.13 by InfernoStudioCPD

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Robichaux Park and Jackson Park 6.26.12

Here are the audio sets from the first day of day camp, we pulled a double at Robichaux and Jackson Park. Please download, share, and distribute this wonderful non-commercial music, brought to you by patrons of the Chicago Park District, and citizens of this city, state, and country. PARTICIPANTS COLLABORATIVELY MADE THE BEAT, AND WROTE AND READ THEIR OWN WORDS. 

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Healthy Living (An Intergenerational Remix)

The theme for CPD programming this summer is “Healthy Living”. IMRS interviewed Seniors from the Line Dancing Clubs at South Shore Cultural Center and Washington Park, asking for their wisdom on the subject. Kyle and Salim, two regulars at our Teen Tuesday evening program, sampled these recordings and made a beat. Thus, an Intergenerational Remix is born!

Raw Voices 2012 at Columbia College (Song Set)

The set of songs made during our 90 minute workshop at Raw Voices 2012.  Youtube sampling, for educational purposes, into Ableton Live for a lesson on Sampling Production yielded the above.  The last piece was made during lunch- Damien of Englewood’s RAGE just had to get a beat made!  We love that kind of determination.