Galewood Park 7.16.12

Galewood Park 7.16.12. We worked with day campers and a Teen Leadership group, directly after talking-to about nutrition from a contingent of adults from UIC. The discussion about healthy living continued on these tracks, where we collectively connected the dots between eating right in order to make better decisions for a healthier community.

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Gill Park 7.16.12

Gill Park was a dense but quick day. We had around 20 9-12 year olds before lunch, and around 20 teens after lunch. The teens were of course reluctant at first, but were standing in line to say there words in the last 15 minutes. This was the only park we attended all summer that had day campers reading BOOKS when we got there. PARTICIPANTS COLLABORATED ON THE BEAT PRODUCTION, AND WROTE AND READ THEIR OWN WORDS. 

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Loyola Park 7.09.12 and 7.10.12

Here are the audio and video playlists from Loyola Park on 7.09.12 and 7.10.12. We worked with the 9-12 year old group the first day, and teen camp the second. There were many familiar faces from last summer, so both tables on both days faced little resistance or shyness. With titles like “Learn it Together”, “I Live in This World”, “Life is a Treasure”, and “Choices”, we can see and hear that these responsible youth citizens are concerned, and have solutions. Download, share, discuss, play in public space!

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Fuller Park “Decisions” 7.24.12

This song is compilation of statements about the decisions we make in life, and contains suggestions for positive alternatives to negative ones. We were at Fuller Park for a half day, split with Austin Town Hall later that afternoon. It was very active when we visited, full of day campers and a drill team. We setup in the courtyard in the middle of the field house, and got beats made, words written and read in roughly an hour and a half. 

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Austin Town Hall 7.24.12

Here is the track from Austin Town Hall on 7.24.12. We were only there for about two hours, and came out with this gem of information! Bob your head, turn it up, and as always, download, share, play in your parks, repeat! Participants collaborated on beat production, and wrote and read their own words. 

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West Lawn Park 7.5.12 and 7.6.12

We served West Lawn Park during a District-wide heat advisory, and the first day we sweated over the MPD32 with the boys group outside with the help of a cool(er) dry breeze and a shade tree. The second day with the girls group was too extreme, and we only went outside to make a stop motion animation. These kids had pride in their park, and their groups were large in number, which showed us how a park really can be a vital centerpiece in a community. 


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What’s Goin’ on Now 5.22.12

Noah, Alex, Jeremy, and Kyle, who are regulars of our Teen Tuesdays program at South Shore Cultural Center, remixed Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On” to make their own version, which addresses similar topics of the original produced 40 years ago. Stems were taken from 

Lowe Park “2012 Here We Go” 7.12.12 

This park only had about 10-15 Day Campers, so we stuck to one production table, and one stop-motion animation station. Those who weren’t working on verses and beat-making with me were working with Jayve on sidewalk chalk animation, filming flips, and swing-set stop-motion animation. Coach Simms also led by example, and hit us with the off-the-top freestyle that wowed the kids. This was one of the most relaxing parks of the summer because the weather was breezy, the park is small, and the kids were generally easy going and respectful demeanor about them. Thanks Lowe Park!

Robichaux Park and Jackson Park 6.26.12

Here are the audio sets from the first day of day camp, we pulled a double at Robichaux and Jackson Park. Please download, share, and distribute this wonderful non-commercial music, brought to you by patrons of the Chicago Park District, and citizens of this city, state, and country. PARTICIPANTS COLLABORATIVELY MADE THE BEAT, AND WROTE AND READ THEIR OWN WORDS. 

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T.R.A.C.E Summer 2012 Tracks

Teens Re-Imagining Arts Community and Environment, or T.R.A.C.E. teams up with IMRS every summer for assistance with digital media production based in the social themes being addressed at each Park. Themes addressed this summer were Bullying, Urban Gardening, and collaboration through poetry, music writing. Please download this wonderful non-commercial, socially conscious music, and share.

Blackhawk Park 7.03.12

Here are the audio and video playlists for Blackhawk Park on 7.03.12. Some songs hit on topics revolving around Freedom and our Nation, as it was the day before Independence Day. Please download the songs from the SoundCloud page and share/redistribute throughout the Park District, and rest of the world. Also, if your internet connection allows, watch the videos in 720p HD! Enjoy!

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Jayve Montgomery, working on democracy at Union Park

Photo: Kelly Peloza

Wednesday, July 25, 11am “You say you can’t beat-box?” Jayve Montgomery (pictured) asks the day campers at Union Park. “You’re a human being—of course you can beat-box!” Along with his partner in rhyme, Ed Borstein, Montgomery is helping a group of elementary- and middle-schoolers create a hip-hop track about healthy living. The two Chicago Park District program specialists tour local parks with the Inferno Mobile Recording Studio, an arsenal of microphones and computers, engaging kids in “collaborative community overdubbing.” Borstein holds out a mic and says, “This is not going to hurt you; this is a tool.” Aimiose, a ten-year-old, tentatively shuffles forward to provide the beat-boxing backbone for a track that took shape over an hour, as the camp counselors layered on the kids’ singing, humming and rhyming. When it’s his turn, eight-year-old Alex raps, “Live your life healthy, and your body will be wealthy.” As he finishes, another camper snickers. Montgomery whips around and scolds the heckler. “It doesn’t sound right. It sounds Alex!” The offender looks skeptical, so Montgomery continues. “You can only mess up music if you have a sheet in front of you.”

By Tyler Leeds

Brainerd Park Teen Camp 7.02.12

Here are the Audio and Video Playlists from Brainerd Park Teen Camp on 7.02.12. Please feel free to download all songs and share them with everyone you know, and if your internet connection allows, watch the videos in 720p HD! Thanks to Brainerd Park, especially Rec Leader “L.A.” (see him doing back-ups and dance moves in “If We’re Healthy, We’ll Be Wealthy”) for doing his job, which was to have fun, and participate WITH the kids! 

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Avalon Park 6.27.12

Here are the audio and video playlists for Avalon Park on 6.27.12. Please download and share songs, and when linking video, make sure to recommend viewing in 720p HD for the full park track-making experience!

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West Pullman Park TRACE 7.13.12

We visited the West Pullman Park TRACE crew to assist in their Re-imagining of Arts, Community and Environment.  Heard first is the youth-created, 12 layer, 2 bar loop, one sound at a time. Layer 8 was then chopped into 12 slices and the prevailing pattern of the piece was made by a TRACEr programming the pads of the MPD32.  The vocal work launches this project into the status of “Work in Progress”…  We look forward to the progression, a finished track of Teens Re-Imagining Arts, Community, Environment.  

Written and Recorded in 1 1/2 hours.

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