Want to use The Lab at Harris Park? Help me find a time for YOU! please click on the link above and fill out the “Production Lab at Harris Park Information Form”. By telling me your availability and what you are interested in learning I can organize classes for the 2014 Spring Session at convenient times. If you have any other questions, please email ed.bornstein@chicagoparkdistrict.com or call 312-350-3371 Thanks, and I hope to hear from eager learners and collaborators. -Ed Bornstein

We are open. The Inferno Production Lab at Harris Park is a go! Here are some photos showing our gear.  Ableton Live, iPad apps, turntables for sampling, Volca Series, and GoPro Cameras amongst other creative tools are what we are equipped with! 6200 S. Drexel, Chicago IL 60637. HARRIS PARK PRODUCTION LAB! A new space to produce! Contact Ed Bornstein via the email and telephone listed on the right side of this page to schedule a time to come by, or try stopping by whenever you can, I may be there. Scheduled class and open lab times are being formed per the public demand, so fill out the Information form to the right to let me know when you are available and what you want to learn.

Austin Town Hall 7.24.12

Here is the track from Austin Town Hall on 7.24.12. We were only there for about two hours, and came out with this gem of information! Bob your head, turn it up, and as always, download, share, play in your parks, repeat! Participants collaborated on beat production, and wrote and read their own words. 

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West Lawn Park 7.5.12 and 7.6.12

We served West Lawn Park during a District-wide heat advisory, and the first day we sweated over the MPD32 with the boys group outside with the help of a cool(er) dry breeze and a shade tree. The second day with the girls group was too extreme, and we only went outside to make a stop motion animation. These kids had pride in their park, and their groups were large in number, which showed us how a park really can be a vital centerpiece in a community. 


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Lowe Park “2012 Here We Go” 7.12.12 

This park only had about 10-15 Day Campers, so we stuck to one production table, and one stop-motion animation station. Those who weren’t working on verses and beat-making with me were working with Jayve on sidewalk chalk animation, filming flips, and swing-set stop-motion animation. Coach Simms also led by example, and hit us with the off-the-top freestyle that wowed the kids. This was one of the most relaxing parks of the summer because the weather was breezy, the park is small, and the kids were generally easy going and respectful demeanor about them. Thanks Lowe Park!

Robichaux Park and Jackson Park 6.26.12

Here are the audio sets from the first day of day camp, we pulled a double at Robichaux and Jackson Park. Please download, share, and distribute this wonderful non-commercial music, brought to you by patrons of the Chicago Park District, and citizens of this city, state, and country. PARTICIPANTS COLLABORATIVELY MADE THE BEAT, AND WROTE AND READ THEIR OWN WORDS. 

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Julia de Burgos Park 5.19.12

IMRS was at the official naming of one of our favorite parks, Julia de Burgos Park (previously Park 554, and unofficially called Albany/Whipple Park, a.k.a “The Spider Park”) on Saturday, May 19th 2012. It was the first hot day of the summer, and many families and returning IMRS track-making all-stars from the area participated in activities provided by IMRS, The Kraft Great Kids Program, CPD’s Fitness Program, and The Trust for Public Land. Kids unveiled the park’s new signs. One particular mother of a particular fitness instructor made beautiful sounds on the Looper, which became the perfect backing music for instructions from neighborhood children on “what to do at the park” 

Healthy Living (An Intergenerational Remix)

The theme for CPD programming this summer is “Healthy Living”. IMRS interviewed Seniors from the Line Dancing Clubs at South Shore Cultural Center and Washington Park, asking for their wisdom on the subject. Kyle and Salim, two regulars at our Teen Tuesday evening program, sampled these recordings and made a beat. Thus, an Intergenerational Remix is born!

Raw Voices 2012 at Columbia College (Song Set)

The set of songs made during our 90 minute workshop at Raw Voices 2012.  Youtube sampling, for educational purposes, into Ableton Live for a lesson on Sampling Production yielded the above.  The last piece was made during lunch- Damien of Englewood’s RAGE just had to get a beat made!  We love that kind of determination.